Beat a Weed 750ml

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          Controls weeds the NATURAL way

          Effective and fast acting

          Fully bio-degradable in soil, water, atmosphere

          NZ operated, owned and distributed

USES: Can be used to spray ground in preparation of planting your vegetables. Allow 24 hours before planting to allow soil PH to re-balance. Fantastic to control weeds on paths, boarders, driveways, patios…

BEST SUITED FOR: Small general weeds, excellent on broadleaf eg: dandelion & plantain. Also mosses, liches, liverwort, fungus, small gorse, public areas, gardens and lifestyle blocks.



          Ensure you saturate

          Treat as soon as weed growth appears as it’s best to control weeks when they are still small

          Spray in full sun and still conditions

          Will work all year round on most weeds

          For hard to kill weeds, such as Gorse, best to spray in April during active growth

          Rainfall within 2 hours may reduce effectiveness

          Do not apply to desirable plants as vinegar bioherbicide is nonselective and burns all foliage

          Repeat treatment a required and for perennial or mature weeds